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Cookie dough too sticky

cookie dough too sticky

Tried to lift off the rolled dough in order to refrigerate it for a bit before cutting. Couldn't get it off the paper - too sticky. I still have some disks left.
NOT add a smidge more flour even though I thought the dough looked too wet. The dough's been refrigerated for 4 hours and still wet/ sticky.
We intentionally mucked up the cookie dough in a few different flour was sticky and hard to transfer; dough that had too many eggs was runny.

Cookie dough too sticky - that

Use parchment paper to line pans. As the recipe requires, we mixed the dry ingredients and wet ingredients separately, then combined them and added about one cup of semisweet chocolate chips. Sugar sweetens the cookies and makes them an enticing golden brown.

Cookie dough too sticky - makes cupcake

If the dough is too sticky, try refrigerating it for an hour. All-purpose flour can also make a crispy cookie, which will be more tender than a cookie made entirely with bread flour. If it does, and you didn't, that would cause the dough to be "gooey" and not firm up enough. What causes baked cookies to be hard?


Kneading wet dough

Cheesecake holds: Cookie dough too sticky

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